New Sales Page Template: Digita

We’ve just released a new Sales Page template — Digita.

Here’s a screenshot of what Digita looks like:


Digita is more of a “corporate-style” template than a “sales page” template. There are even top menu links on the header (FAQ, Pricing, About, Testimonials, etc). This gives a more corporate and professional feel.

You can also insert slideshows if you want.

Then we also have the pricing table with “Best Value” or “Popular” label available. You can even use whatever text you want if you don’t want to use “Best Value” or “Popular”. Simply edit and type. Of course there’s only going to be 1 “Best Value” label. On the screenshot above, you see 3 of them — but the reality is that you only need to choose which column you want to assign this “Best Value” to, and just simply hide the other 2.

If you only have 2 pricing options instead of 3, you can also hide the third pricing option. Simply hover your mouse and click the “x” on the top right corner of the element you wish to hide.

With EVERY 1MinuteSites template, you can hide almost every “element” that you don’t want to use. You just saw 2 such examples above. Another example is the top menu links — you can hide one or more or all of them if you want. This means you can mix and match however you want.

In addition, with EVERY 1MinuteSites template, you can also insert images and videos almost anywhere you want.

If you’re already a 1MinuteSites user, login to your account and instantly create your version of Digita.

If you’re not yet a user, sign up for an account now while we’re still at the Founding Members price — which won’t last much longer. When you sign up at the Founding Members price, you’ll be grandfathered in forever.

We hope you like the addition of Digita to the 1MinuteSites family! Please let us know below alright?



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