New Feature: Product Launch Sequence

A BIG new feature has just been released again!

This time it’s the ability to create Product Launch Sequences.

If you don’t know yet, this is how a Product Launch Sequence works.

1. You have a new product that is launching soon.

2. You set up a few content pieces educating people about the problem your product solves, and how to overcome them (you don’t give the whole farm away, you only give useful but incomplete content). These content pieces are structured logically in a continuing fashion, with content piece #1 leading to content piece #2, #3, etc. Each content piece is released on a pre-scheduled interval (e.g. every day or every 2 days). The last content piece naturally leads to your product. By the time people have consumed all your content pieces, they’re eager and excited to BUY your product.

3. Before people can view all these content pieces, they must optin to your list first. People who have not opted in will not be able to view the content pieces even when they know the direct URLs.

Without technology, it’d be impossible to do this Product Launch Sequence. You don’t have to buy another software just to create your Product Launch campaigns — it’s all built right inside your 1MinuteSites account.

Watch the short tutorial below to see how to set up your Product Launch Sequence.

Login to your account now to enjoy this feature.

If you’re not yet a member, you can sign up for an account.

What did you think of this new addition? We hope you like it! Do leave us your thoughts below please… And please click LIKE if you think this is cool!




6 thoughts on “New Feature: Product Launch Sequence

  1. barbie

    Welly, When I click on the Launch Page, it goes to an ERROR 404. Are they Active and Ready To Create yet? Thanks! Can’t Wait to Get Started with this Template! =)


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