New Feature: “Family” Templates

Yet again, another new enhancement has been added to the 1MinuteSites platform.

Family Templates

We call it the “Family” templates, which basically means some of the templates you find inside the platform will have their matching “family” design for the different page types.

Along with this enhancement, we’ve also released a new template called “Motion” — and this “Motion” template is available for:

- Mini Squeeze Pages

- Squeeze Pages

- Sales Pages

- Webinar Pages

- Thank You Pages

This provides a consistent user experience throughout your funnel pages, which will help improve conversions.

All “Family” templates have this icon:


Thank you for your suggestion Sue Bradley over in our Feature Requests section! Because of your suggestion, other users get to enjoy this new enhancement as well.

If you’re looking for a feature that is currently not available, we welcome you to suggest it here.

If you’re already a 1MinuteSites user, login to your account now to enjoy this new feature.

If you’re not a 1MinuteSites user yet, join now and lock in at the cheapest founders members price. It won’t last for very long…



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