New Feature: 1MinuteSites SmartLinks Provide Better User Experience & Increase Engagement

Okay so this feature has been live for some time now, but we just haven’t had the chance to publicly announce it yet.


1MinuteSites SmartLinks –  which means when people click on a link inside your email, you can automatically add them to another email list and/or add them to your GoToWebinar list.

This is useful when you want to segment people off to a sub-list or register them for a webinar that you’re going to hosting.

Real Case Study

We ran a Black Friday special last week, and we need to send out multiple promo emails to our lists. But we don’t want to send out emails to those who are not interested in the offer, we only want to inform those who are actually interested.

So a day before the Black Friday offer went live, we sent out an email to our lists stating our offer and if they’re interested in it, they need to click the link inside the email (the SmartLink). Those who clicked are put into a sub-list labelled “black friday hot prospects”.

Then when the Black Friday offer went live, we sent out multiple promo emails ONLY to “black friday hot prospects”. Although it might seem a bad move, because you’d think that a lot less eyeballs are seeing the offer, we’re seeing much higher conversions and EPCs (earnings per click).

We kind of expected it though — because we knew that eyeballs who are actually seeing the offer would be much more likely to purchase because they’ve raised their hands and say “I’m interested”. Another positive thing is that by segmenting your list like this, you’re providing a better user experience from your subscribers’ and customers’ point-of-view since you’re not emailing them things they don’t want to hear about. This also leads to a higher engagement rate in the future.

Here’s How To Set Up SmartLinks

Login to your 1MinuteSites account >> go to the Add-Ons page >> activate SmartLinks:


Then go to the SmartLinks page >> click [create new SmartLink]:


Follow the on-screen self-explanatory instructions and create your SmartLink campaign. After that simply choose the email autoresponder service you use, and get your SmartLink:


There are 3rd party services out there that exist JUST to provide you with this feature. With 1MinuteSites, you get it free of charge.

If you’re not yet a 1MinuteSites member, you can join here to enjoy this feature and much, much more.

If you’re already a member, you can login to your account here and use this feature to boost your conversions and EPCs, as well as provide a better user experience for your subscribers and customers, which in turn leads to a higher engagement rate, which ultimately leads to more happy customers :)

Any comments please leave them below. We read every one of them!



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