More New Templates Added

Don’t know if you’ve noticed it… we’ve been silently adding new templates month after month after month.

Since we don’t announce every time we release a new template, below is a quick preview of the templates we’ve added over the last several months.


Please note that this image only covers the templates design — and for each design you have 6 page types (Mini Squeeze, Regular Squeeze, Thank You, Webinar, Sales, Launch) as well as Popups and Optin Forms you can embed on any site you want.

Login to your account now to see for yourself and play around with the templates.

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3 thoughts on “More New Templates Added

  1. Ryan Even

    Loving the new templates, thanks!

    Would also love to see a basic traditional looking template that looks like a traditional sales page with a basic table in the middle with a white background (like a piece of paper).


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