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2 New Themes + 1 New Video Background Squeeze

As what we’ve consistently done since last year, we’ve added 2 more new Themes + 1 new Background Video Squeeze to the platform.

By having new themes added consistently, you as a user have more choices and varieties in presenting your landing pages to your audience.

Note: when we say Themes — we meant a complete set of templates that comprises of Mini Squeeze pages, Regular Squeeze pages, Webinar pages, Thank You pages, Sales pages, Product Launch Sequence pages + popups and optins that you can embed on ANY site (WordPress and non-WorPress).

Here is a screenshot of what the 2 new Themes — Xeon and Zero — looks like:


And here’s a live demo page of Vidix — the new video background mini squeeze we’ve also added. You can, of course, change the video background to whatever video you want.

Note: Vidix is categorized as a Mini Squeeze, so you’ll need to go under the “Mini Squeeze” category to look for it.

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More New Templates Added

Don’t know if you’ve noticed it… we’ve been silently adding new templates month after month after month.

Since we don’t announce every time we release a new template, below is a quick preview of the templates we’ve added over the last several months.


Please note that this image only covers the templates design — and for each design you have 6 page types (Mini Squeeze, Regular Squeeze, Thank You, Webinar, Sales, Launch) as well as Popups and Optin Forms you can embed on any site you want.

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New Template: Calypso (includes 6 templates + 1 optin form/popup)

Another piece of good news!

We’ve released the “Calypso” Family template. This template has actually been released inside the platform since early this month, but we haven’t had a chance to let you know about it.

Since Calypso is a Family template, you can use it for your:

- Regular Squeeze pages

- Mini Squeeze pages

- Webinar pages

- Product Launch pages

- Sales pages

- Thank you pages

- Optin Forms/Popups

Here’s just a taste of what Calypso Regular Squeeze page looks like:

calypso regular squeeze

For all other page types/forms/popups, the general design concept/idea is similar, but applied to the respective page types/forms/popups.

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New Family Template: Almost (Includes 5 Template Pages)

Today we’ve released another new set of Family Template called Almost.

If you don’t know yet, Family Templates basically means the different types of pages (Regular Squeeze, Mini Squeeze, Webinar, Thank You, Sales) all bear the same theme and design concept, thereby providing a consistent user experience throughout your funnel pages — which will help improve conversions.

Here’s what Almost looks like:

Mini Squeeze

almost - mini squeeze

Regular Squeeze

almost - regular squeeze

Webinar Page

almost - webinar

Sales Page

almost - sales

Thank You Page

almost - thank you

Of course you can always remove “elements” that you don’t want to use so that you can customize your pages however you like.

What To Do Next?

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New Sales Page Template: Digita

We’ve just released a new Sales Page template — Digita.

Here’s a screenshot of what Digita looks like:


Digita is more of a “corporate-style” template than a “sales page” template. There are even top menu links on the header (FAQ, Pricing, About, Testimonials, etc). This gives a more corporate and professional feel.

You can also insert slideshows if you want.

Then we also have the pricing table with “Best Value” or “Popular” label available. You can even use whatever text you want if you don’t want to use “Best Value” or “Popular”. Simply edit and type. Of course there’s only going to be 1 “Best Value” label. On the screenshot above, you see 3 of them — but the reality is that you only need to choose which column you want to assign this “Best Value” to, and just simply hide the other 2.

If you only have 2 pricing options instead of 3, you can also hide the third pricing option. Simply hover your mouse and click the “x” on the top right corner of the element you wish to hide.

With EVERY 1MinuteSites template, you can hide almost every “element” that you don’t want to use. You just saw 2 such examples above. Another example is the top menu links — you can hide one or more or all of them if you want. This means you can mix and match however you want.

In addition, with EVERY 1MinuteSites template, you can also insert images and videos almost anywhere you want.

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3 New Pages — Webinar, Mini Squeeze, Regular Squeeze

3 new templates have just been added to the platform.

Webinar — Wiser


Mini Squeeze — Skyes (animated background)


 Regular Squeeze — Vegan



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