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New Feature: 1MinuteSites SmartLinks Provide Better User Experience & Increase Engagement

Okay so this feature has been live for some time now, but we just haven’t had the chance to publicly announce it yet.


1MinuteSites SmartLinks –  which means when people click on a link inside your email, you can automatically add them to another email list and/or add them to your GoToWebinar list.

This is useful when you want to segment people off to a sub-list or register them for a webinar that you’re going to hosting.

Real Case Study

We ran a Black Friday special last week, and we need to send out multiple promo emails to our lists. But we don’t want to send out emails to those who are not interested in the offer, we only want to inform those who are actually interested.

So a day before the Black Friday offer went live, we sent out an email to our lists stating our offer and if they’re interested in it, they need to click the link inside the email (the SmartLink). Those who clicked are put into a sub-list labelled “black friday hot prospects”.

Then when the Black Friday offer went live, we sent out multiple promo emails ONLY to “black friday hot prospects”. Although it might seem a bad move, because you’d think that a lot less eyeballs are seeing the offer, we’re seeing much higher conversions and EPCs (earnings per click).

We kind of expected it though — because we knew that eyeballs who are actually seeing the offer would be much more likely to purchase because they’ve raised their hands and say “I’m interested”. Another positive thing is that by segmenting your list like this, you’re providing a better user experience from your subscribers’ and customers’ point-of-view since you’re not emailing them things they don’t want to hear about. This also leads to a higher engagement rate in the future.

Here’s How To Set Up SmartLinks

Login to your 1MinuteSites account >> go to the Add-Ons page >> activate SmartLinks:


Then go to the SmartLinks page >> click [create new SmartLink]:


Follow the on-screen self-explanatory instructions and create your SmartLink campaign. After that simply choose the email autoresponder service you use, and get your SmartLink:


There are 3rd party services out there that exist JUST to provide you with this feature. With 1MinuteSites, you get it free of charge.

If you’re not yet a 1MinuteSites member, you can join here to enjoy this feature and much, much more.

If you’re already a member, you can login to your account here and use this feature to boost your conversions and EPCs, as well as provide a better user experience for your subscribers and customers, which in turn leads to a higher engagement rate, which ultimately leads to more happy customers :)

Any comments please leave them below. We read every one of them!

New Feature: Delayed Content & Shortcodes

Okay so this feature has been around for some time now, but we haven’t had the chance to let you know.

Did you know that you can create:

- Delay Areas (i.e. you can specify/delay whatever content [videos, images, text] you wish in x seconds after your page loads)

- Display visitor’s current date

- Display visitor’s current time

- Display visitor’s current browser

- Display visitor’s current city

- Display visitor’s current country

- Display visitor’s current IP address

- Display visitor’s current operating system used to view your page

Here’s a short video showing you how to easily use these features:

Login to your 1MinuteSites account now to enjoy this feature.

If you’re not a 1MinuteSites user yet, you can sign up for an account here.

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New Feature: Mobile Responsive Preview

Another new feature has been released.

Inside the Live Editor, you can now preview what your responsive page is going to look like on mobile devices — tablets and smartphones.

Go inside the Live Editor of a published page, on the top right you’ll see a mobile icon, like this:

mobile preview

Click that icon and you’ll see a preview of how your page looks like on tablets and smartphones.

Login to your account now to see this feature in action.

If you don’t have an account yet, click here to sign up for one. We don’t believe there’s another landing page creator out there that packs as much features as us! It’s totally risk-free because we offer a 30-day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.

New Feature: Optin – Capture More Than Just Name & Email

You asked for it, and here it is!

Prior to this, on your squeeze pages, you can only ask visitors for their name and email. Now you can ask them anything you like, e.g. birthday, address, gender, relationship status, age, etc — basically anything you want!

It’s very easy to do this.

Go to your squeeze page

>> Autoresponder Integration
>> paste in your autoresponder code as you normally would
>> then click the green “Advanced User? Set Custom Fields” button.

From there, it’s pretty much self-explanatory.


With this new feature, you can get more personal data about your audience and hence can tailor to their needs better. This typically leads to more engagement and higher sales conversions.

Login to your 1MinuteSites account now to enjoy this feature, OR if you don’t have an account yet, click here to sign up for a new account and start creating your high converting landing pages in 60 SECONDS.

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New Feature: Product Launch Sequence

A BIG new feature has just been released again!

This time it’s the ability to create Product Launch Sequences.

If you don’t know yet, this is how a Product Launch Sequence works.

1. You have a new product that is launching soon.

2. You set up a few content pieces educating people about the problem your product solves, and how to overcome them (you don’t give the whole farm away, you only give useful but incomplete content). These content pieces are structured logically in a continuing fashion, with content piece #1 leading to content piece #2, #3, etc. Each content piece is released on a pre-scheduled interval (e.g. every day or every 2 days). The last content piece naturally leads to your product. By the time people have consumed all your content pieces, they’re eager and excited to BUY your product.

3. Before people can view all these content pieces, they must optin to your list first. People who have not opted in will not be able to view the content pieces even when they know the direct URLs.

Without technology, it’d be impossible to do this Product Launch Sequence. You don’t have to buy another software just to create your Product Launch campaigns — it’s all built right inside your 1MinuteSites account.

Watch the short tutorial below to see how to set up your Product Launch Sequence.

Login to your account now to enjoy this feature.

If you’re not yet a member, you can sign up for an account.

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New Feature: Pre-Made Images

Yesterday we introduced 2 of our BIGGEST and COOLEST features since 1MinuteSites was first released.

Today we’re proud to announce yet another sweet new feature: Pre-Made Images

You can now insert arrows, guarantee badges, continue buttons, buy now buttons, add to cart buttons, warning banners, one time offer banners, etc into your 1MinuteSites Pages, Forms, and Popups.

Here are just a few examples of the Pre-Made Images:

pre made images

(1MinuteSites has evolved to more than just creating landing pages. You can now create Forms and Popups as well. See our previous announcement)

Watch the video below to see how you can insert eye-catching images into your 1MinuteSites Pages, Forms, and Popups:

What To Do Next?

Login to your account now and try it out for yourself and have fun!

If you’re not a member yet, sign up now and lock in at the current LOWEST beta price. We’re about to go out of beta very soon, and when we do, the price is definitely going to increase.

What say you?

Our 2 BIGGEST & Coolest New Features So Far…

Okay okay this update is HUGE!

After months and months of development, we’re very excited to announce the release of 2 new MAJOR features:

1. You can now Embed Optin Forms on any site you want (including WordPress sites)

2. You can now Embed Unblockable Popups on any site you want (including WordPress sites)

Watch this video below:

With these 2 new awesome features, you don’t need to subscribe to other services just to be able to create optin forms or popups.

It’s all included inside your 1MinuteSites account, and you can create Unlimited Optin Forms and Unlimited Popups!

Login to your account now and create your first optin form/popup.

If you’re not a member yet, sign up now and lock in at the current LOWEST beta price. We’re about to go out of beta very soon, and when we do, the price is definitely going to increase.

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THANK YOU for your continued support and trust in us as we strive to make 1MinuteSites better every single day!

New Feature: Custom Favicon

We’ve just released another new feature.

This time it’s the ability for you to use your own custom Favicon.

If you don’t know, a Favicon is the little thumbnail you see on the left your browser tab when you open a site/page.

For example, this is 1MinuteSites Favicon:


How To Set Your Own Favicon For Your Pages

Step #1

Inside your 1MinuteSites account, go to the Add-Ons page (settings >> add-ons), activate “Custom Favicon”, like this:


Step #2

Then go and create/edit your page >> Custom Favicon, like this:



You can login to your 1MinuteSites account here.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up here.

What say you?

New Feature: “Family” Templates

Yet again, another new enhancement has been added to the 1MinuteSites platform.

Family Templates

We call it the “Family” templates, which basically means some of the templates you find inside the platform will have their matching “family” design for the different page types.

Along with this enhancement, we’ve also released a new template called “Motion” — and this “Motion” template is available for:

- Mini Squeeze Pages

- Squeeze Pages

- Sales Pages

- Webinar Pages

- Thank You Pages

This provides a consistent user experience throughout your funnel pages, which will help improve conversions.

All “Family” templates have this icon:


Thank you for your suggestion Sue Bradley over in our Feature Requests section! Because of your suggestion, other users get to enjoy this new enhancement as well.

If you’re looking for a feature that is currently not available, we welcome you to suggest it here.

If you’re already a 1MinuteSites user, login to your account now to enjoy this new feature.

If you’re not a 1MinuteSites user yet, join now and lock in at the cheapest founders members price. It won’t last for very long…

New Feature: Countdown Timers

Yet again, we’ve just released another new feature.

Countdown Timers

With this, you can create urgency on your pages which in turn will boost conversions.

A few real life examples on how you can use Countdown Timers:

  • Run a time-sensitive discount offer for your product. Say 50% off for 2 days only.
  • Offer a premium product for free for the next 5 days. People can get it by simply opting in to your squeeze page. After 5 days, it will no longer be free and it’ll go back to a paid product.

As you can see from the examples above, you’ll get a surge of customers and subscribers.

From our experience, every time we run a time-sensitive offer, sales and conversions always spike through the roof.

How To Activate 1MinuteSites Countdown Timers

Inside your 1MS account >> Settings (the gear icon) >> Add-Ons >> turn on Countdown Timer, like this:

countdown add on

Go and create/edit the page where you want to insert the Countdown Timer >> toggle the options on the right >> Countdown Timer, like this:

countdown timer option


We hope you like this new feature!

There are some SaaS (software as a service) companies that exist and charge you just for this feature alone and nothing else.

Here at 1MinuteSites, we give it to you for free as we want to give you everything (well, literally everything) that you need to create high converting and successful landing pages that ultimately add more money to your bottom line.

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below…