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2 New Features: Facebook Optin + Facebook Comments/Like/Share

Hello. Hello!

2 New Features today. Yay!

First is the ability for you to now let visitors click a Facebook Connect button and they’ll be added automatically to your email list. No more manually entering emails…

But here’s where it gets even better!

Instead of just allowing you to choose how YOU want visitors to optin, you can let visitors choose how THEY would like to optin.

We provide the following 4 optin methods:

Optin Type #1: Regular optin only
Optin Type #2: Facebook optin only
Optin Type #3: Regular OR Facebook optin (your visitors can choose how THEY want to optin)
Optin Type #4: Smart Optin (if visitor is logged in to their Facebook account when they visit your page, Facebook optin is presented. If they are not logged in, regular optin is displayed)

Cool, eh?

Next, moving on to the second new feature…

Now you can use Facebook Comments on your page and create an engaging discussion around whatever you’re offering — your product/service or maybe you simply want feedback.

In addition, you can also embed Facebook Like and Share onto your 1MinuteSites page to encourage people to spread your page/message via Facebook.

Before you can set all these up, you first need to create a Facebook App (very easy), as shown in the video below:

To enable Facebook Optin, watch the tutorial video below:

To enable Facebook Comments, Like, Share, watch the tutorial video below:

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New Feature: Insert Video Anywhere

Prior to this, you can only insert video when there is a video placeholder on the page template.

Now, you can insert video anywhere inside your content area. Simply click the video button, like this:



We’re always improving each and every day as we strive to make 1MinuteSites the best 60-SECOND Landing Page platform in the world.

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New Feature: A/B Split Test

A lot of you have been requesting the A/B Split Test feature, and today we’re proud to announce the release of this feature.

Split Testing is useful when you want to know which pages are converting the best. Say for example you give away a valuable freebie on your squeeze page. You want to get maximum conversions, so you set up 3 squeeze pages and run a split test to rotate visitors to the different squeeze pages.

After 1000 visitors, here are the results:

Squeeze page #1 — 35% conversion

Squeeze page #2 — 37% conversion

Squeeze page #3 — 47% conversion

Now you know Squeeze page 3 converts the best. Without doing this split test, you’d never have known which one is converting the best, except for pure speculation — which is not good.

It gets even better.

Want to have a totally Hands-Free, Set-n-Forget Split Test campaign?

You got it!

We also allow you to automatically display ONLY the WINNING variation/URL after x number of conversions. This is optional, and you can enable/disable this feature at the click of a button.

Anyway, watch the video below to see how you can easily set up your Split Test:

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What say you?